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Life Floor products provide your customers with a product that is safer and more comfortable to stand on. And by using Inside Edge Safety Surfaces, you’ll not only receive unbeatable warranty coverage but a quality installation, all while working within your time and budget needs.

Global Network

Inside Edge Safety Surfaces is the Preferred Installation company for all North American Life Floor projects.

Our network of highly vetted installation technicians can travel anywhere in the world you need us to be, while our centralized Project Management team ensures seamless communication and support for all projects worldwide.

Uniform Installation

The three key factors in ensuring uniform installations are proper preparation, advanced technique, and consistent execution.

Inside Edge Safety Surfaces is an expert in all three areas. So when you choose to work with us, you can expect quality installations, every time.

Peace of Mind

We help make aquatic areas safer and strive to provide you with a worry-free experience.

When you couple Life Floor’s industry leading aquatic tiles with Inside Edge Safety Surfaces’ installation expertise, the result is a beautiful, quality installation.

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