Inside Edge Safety Surfaces is the first U.S. distributor of Codex safety and accident prevention products.
Codex provides multiple safety solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces for schools, sports facilities, playgrounds, cruise ships, and many other areas.

Codex Products


Onda is made of Polymat® (EVA), a material with a microcellular structure of high resistance and elasticity, was designed on the need to satisfy every type of request for anti-shock protection, thanks to its great versatility and ability to adapt to any type of support. It has a good shock absorption capacity, is repellent to all substances, anti-mold and antibacterial.

Each sheet’s dimensions are 3.25′ x 6.5′ (100 x 200cm) and roughly an inch thick (22mm). Inside Edge stocks the Onda in 3 colors: Dark Blue, Green and Grey. All other colors are special order from Italy (6-8 weeks).

Hot Dog “U”

Our Hot Dog corner protectors with “U” cut are effective as protection for sheets, protrusions, profiles, shelves, glass tables, etc.

The section width varies from .1″ – .7″
(3 to 18 mm), while the depth is .6″
(15 mm).

Particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor use: homes, sports facilities, gyms, gardens, industry, early childhood, schools and accommodation facilities.

Hot Dog “V”

The Hot Dog corner protectors, made of Polymat® with a V section, are ideal for protecting the edges of columns, furniture and sharp corners.

For installation, you can choose the double-sided tape or contact adhesive. (For permanent installations in school or sports environments, we recommend the use of glue).

Both the Hot Dog “U” and “V” are available in Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Black, Grey, and White

What is Codex?

Sensing that the need to guarantee the safety of children was becoming increasingly important, in 1992 Codex created Polymat®, a particular blend made of E.V.A, ideal for the production of interlocking mats.

However, Polymat® has proved to be an excellent material for obtaining protections of various types, effective and above all, non-toxic. Codex’s line of shockproof protections is constantly evolving and can be used in many different applications.






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