Cleaning + Maintenance

You’ve invested wisely in top products and installation, now protect your investment with the proper cleaning regimen and cleaning products. Our suite of cleaners were developed exclusively for Life Floor installations and includes: Peroxide Cleaner, Degreaser Cleaner, and Mineral Deposit Remover.

Recommended Cleaning Products

Peroxide Cleaner

A multi-purpose cleaner that removes dirt, grime, and all types of organic matter.

Degreaser Cleaner

The Degreaser Cleaner removes oil and grease stains from food, feet, and sunscreen.

Mineral Remover

This Mineral Deposit Remover cleaner effectively removes calcium, rust stains, lime, magnesium, and aluminum oxide.

What is the best cleaning strategy?

Cleaning processes and schedules are dependent on many factors, including but not limited to: the type of application, amount of daily foot and shoe traffic, local water quality, pool chemistry, and exposure to food and sunscreen. You may adjust the cleaning schedule below based on the characteristics of your facility.


3 Steps to a Successful Cleaning

Applying the Cleaner

Apply the cleaner with a mop, pump-up sprayer, or spray-foamer (Mineral Deposit remover should not be sprayed). If you are using an auto scrubber, make the first pass with the vacuum turned off. After applying the cleaner, let the cleaner sit for 2-10 minutes on the surface. Do not allow the cleaner to dry; mist with water if cleaner does start to dry.

Agitating the Cleaner

After the cleaner has had time to break down and loosen any dirt and oils, scrub the floor. A variety of brushes work well. We recommend manual brushes or powered brushes in a floor machine. Use caution when using powered brushes of any type. Life Floor may be damaged if brushes are too stiff or if the floor is dry.

Recovering the Cleaner

Begin recovery immediately after agitating the cleaners. A wet vacuum is the most effective recovery method, as vacuuming will also pull dirt and water from between the tiles. If you do not have access to a wet vacuum, use a hose to rinse the area and a foam blade squeegee to push dirty water into a nearby drain. We do not recommend the use of a mop to recover a floor as this is the least effective method of recovery.

Step by Step Guides for Successful Cleaning

Recommended Cleaning Schedule

Your cleaning schedule will vary based on the specific needs of your facility.
Week 1: Degreaser Cleaner
Week 2: Degreaser Cleaner
Week 3: Peroxide Cleaner

*We also recommend using Peroxide Cleaner in bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms once per week.
**Use Mineral Deposit Remover wherever deposits can be seen on the tile followed by Degreaser Cleaner.