Case Study

Proper Prep Work is Key to a Successful Installation

While Minnesota weather can be unpredictable, one thing is certain, winters are cold and long. But no matter the weather, guests at the Hampton Inn in Alexandria, MN love to take advantage of the relaxing hot tub and refreshing pool.

When the original decking surface began to crumble, crack, and peel, the ownership knew a fresh look was needed. Something that was aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, safe, and hardy enough to stand up to the high traffic seen around the pool room.

They discovered Life Floor and knew that it’s track record in safety, flexibility in colors, and proven longevity was leading them to the perfect fit. Then all that was needed was a quality installer that could ensure a proper bond to the failing floor.

Enter Inside Edge Safety Surfaces. With hundreds of installations under our belts, we knew that the success of the new installation was entirely dependent upon what guests wouldn’t be able to see: the prep work. Removing the old floor was paramount to a avoiding a future failure so the team went to work grinding away, ensuring a clean, flat substrate to install the Life Floor to.

The final installation result was met with great enthusiasm by hotel guests! The pattern is colorful and vibrant, the feel is soft underfoot and most importantly, the hot tub and pool are back up and running for the guests to enjoy.